What We Do

We use precision farming to improve your returns.

In the world of agronomy and agronomic advice, Echelon is unique. Our crop advisors works with you to create a precise picture of your fields, giving you the confidence to make better decisions in both planning and execution. They know that the way to help you get the best results is to combine local knowledge with timely, actionable data.

Use our technology to meet your farm’s challenges.

Every farm comes with unique business and agronomic issues. Using our agronomic expertise and precision farming technology can overcome a wide range of production challenges.

If cash flow is an issue, can I still optimize my fields’ performance?

Does fertilizing mid-season make sense?

I’m working to make my farm more sustainable – how can precision ag help me do that?

What are the additional benefits of sustainability?


From field mapping to variable rate planting, Echelon Crop Advisors know how your farm can benefit from our services:

  • Grid and zone soil sampling
  • Yield/variety analysis
  • Variable rate fertility prescriptions
  • Field trial verification
  • Variable rate planting prescriptions
  • Aerial imagery analysis
  • As-applied and as-planted mapping
  • Electronic scouting records
  • Grid and Zone Tissue Sampling
  • Real-time equipment tracking
  • Yield data processing
  • Remote file transfer

What Echelon means to me; Proof that what I am doing on my farm is working, with yield results that are verifiable.Echelon makes every pound of my fertilizer do exactly what it is supposed to do, increase yields in my most productive areas, this would be a no brainer. If I had control of my implement it is exactly what I would do.

Craig from Landis, SK

We grow corn, beans and wheat on 3,000 acres, and we use Echelon for every crop. Echelon integrates every bit of data we generate, helping to make decisions that improve our net income across every acre. And it’s seamless; we can access Echelon from any device, anywhere.

Jeremy from Lanark, Illinois

Early spring rains matched with high rates of fertilizer in our poor spots always gave us overgrowth of wheat that would burn up once the July heat hit. Our fields used to be incredibly wavy and since we got on Echelon our fields are tabletop even, no matter what the weather does.

Ben from Scott, SK

Echelon said their variable rate technology system would help me pull together more accurate data about my farm – and use that data to increase my yield without increasing production costs. I’m extremely pleased with the results: both their products and their top-notch customer service.

Keith from Odessa, SK

Echelon is a single source platform where you can bring all your data… your planning data, your execution data, your evaluation data, you can bring it all in together, in one single organizational platform and be able to retrieve it over the years’ time.

Kevin from Kennedy Farms, Illinois

Soil quality changes from meter to meter across my fields, but for a long time I used a flat rate fertilization method. I saw the growth of spots that lacked necessary organic material, and other spots that consistently wasted fertilizer. Since the switch (to Precision VRT) in 2007, I’ve used the same amount of fertilizer but seen much higher yields.

Dean from Weyburn, SK

Echelon has made a big impact on our farming practices. Fertilizer is distributed through the fields with some areas needing more but lighter in others. Doing this has helped achieve an overall even growing field as well as maturity. Echelon group keeps us updated on all our mapping as well as making formulas for each field, making it simple for the seeding man to operate. GPS mapping on our combines works great as well as showing us the variables of the crops coming in and where we can help our soil for the next year.

Leo and Colin from Domremy, SK
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